Customer Data Confidentiality is the Key Concept

For people who data has a personal importance and requires careful handling, the company always offers all of its services with the utmost respect with regard to the customer confidentiality. All the data which is being handled by the staff is provided with an additional security which ensures that no aspect whatsoever will be able to leak through the recovery process. Since the top priority here are the customers, it goes without saying that maintaining a highly confidential demeanor for their data is of utmost importance. The members of the company’s staff know too well what importance personal data has and they do their best in providing all customers, be it private individuals or companies, with the highest possible confidentiality.

From start to finish, all the data storage devices are transported to the facility using insured carriers and are sealed with great care for attention, making sure that no access to the internal contents is granted whatsoever. There hasn’t been a single case of data leakage and the company prides itself with the quality of its confidentiality policy. When requesting data recovery services, regardless of the involved devices, data type, quantity or quality, the company and the user enhard-drive-1348507_960_720ter into a special agreement that bestows customers with great powers for pressing charges in court in the case of a data leakage. Total transparency is another key factor here and the company tries to offer its data recovery services with as much detail as possible.

Users are constantly notified about the status of their requests, the stages their products have reached during the recovery process and the different staff members which have handled their data. Nothing is hidden and all customers have unhindered access to all the steps of the recovery process, in the limits which are allowed by the technical aspects such undertakings involve.