How eCommerce is Distrupting our Shopping Habits

Secure electronic transactions have arrived with a vengeance, changing our shopping habits forever. This is not to say shopping malls have become less popular. People love to shop, to touch and feel. Where ecommerce is disrupting our shopping habits is in the area of convenience. Internet advertisers know this, and the history of online advertising reveals how Internet advertising has become a multi-billion dollar industry for the increasing numbers who shop online. When you’re sick and can’t get out, how convenient to simply click on the products you want, add them to your online shopping cart and hit the ‘pay’ button. Your goods are then shipped safely to your door.

shutterstock_192063296Good Prices, Easy Access

Our lives are super-hectic and we can’t afford to wait. eCommerce saves consumers time and it allows one to search multiple vendors for the best price without getting into your car. Online shoppers appreciate the good prices, the easy access, the safe and easy paying process and the efficient delivery of their goods. On the website, you can find a good deal of e-commerce information and its potential. You’ll discover for instance, that not every retail category works the same for online shoppers and that while most will readily buy a book online, they prefer to actually go to the shops to buy home and garden products for instance.

A bit of Both

While touching and feeling products can’t generally be achieved with online shops, even here things are changing. A start-up such as the Russian fashion retailer Lamoda combines a bit of the physical store with the on-line store. You order your good online, and Lamoda delivers sample of the goods to your home, allowing customers to try on their choices. The customers pays for the items they want to keep, and the rest are whisked away back to the store from where they came. One might well want to ask..’where does it all go from here?’