Our Special 48 Hour Premium Recovery Service

For users who require express data recovery services, the company offers a dedicated service called 48 Hour Recovery Service. This involves providing of data recovery services for any data type, stored on any digital device, within a time-frame of 48 hours from the time the company has received the aforementioned devices. All customers who require such services are encouraged to contact the customer relations department and they shall provide them with all the necessary details for expediting the recovery process. A special courier is dispatched to the customers, with access almost anywhere in the world and the data storage devices are taken over as soon as possible. Customers do not need to worry about wrapping or preparing the package in any kind, as the private courier will look to that.

Once the data storage devices have been taken by the parcel carrier, the expedition is carried out quickly, for reaching the company’s facilities as soon as possible, usually within the same day. The company stresses the term “same day”, as the expedition and delivery is carried out regardless of the time of the week, month or year, this way ensuring that the customer’s devices are getting to the recovery staff as soon as possible. When the data has reached the recovery facilities, the emergency staff will get to it right away and start thsd-card-34041_960_720e recovery process as soon as possible, as they need to stick within the 48 hours time frame, which until so far, it has been achieved gloriously. There isn’t any record of any customer that hasn’t received the recovered data and the corresponding storage device, within the stipulated, two-day time period.

Individuals, companies or family-run businesses, can all use this expedite recovery service with ease, when they require a fast and effective solution for regaining access to their data.