The Online Recovery Service for Platinum Customers

In addition to its 48 hour recovery service, the company also offers its Platinum Customers the ability to recover their data over the Internet, therefore enhancing the user friendliness even more and reducing the transport time for the data storage devices. As long as the customers or companies which require online, assisted recovery services, have a reliable Internet connection, the staff members of the online support team will provide the fastest and most complete solutions for recovering data remotely. By using remote connection software and an array of special programs that can be easily deployed on the customers’ PCs’, the engineers in the online recovery department will ensure a fast and efficient recovery process, that will not inhibit users from accessing their PCs during the recovery process.

Since all the operation will be carried out remotely, the customers are saved from the hassle of disassembling their media devices and sending them via postal services to t


he data recovery facility. Everyone will appreciate this feature that the company offers and all what customers and companies need to do is to register for a Platinum Account, which will ensure life-time guaranteed protection and recovery services, as stipulated in the contract. Once the account has been established, users will receive additional extra services such as the 24/24 hour phone or online support and the dedicated recovery emergency application.

By using this nimble piece of software, users will be able to easily signal to the technical staff from the recovery facilities, that something went wrong and that data recovery is required as soon as possible. Being easy to use and featuring a straightforward interface, the application will be accessible to all customers and it will allow them to quickly regain access to their lost data, without leaving the comfort of their houses or establishments.